If you want a quick sale for your London flat or house then we are here to help you today. Within Twenty four Brassica hours we are able to make you a cash offer for your property and we work to your timescale.

So whatever your circumstances we are able to guarantee you having a quick and easy property sale. Because we now have helped many people exactly like you sell their flat, house or investment property fast.

You’re in safe hands if you need to sell house fast because you’re moving abroad, have been in financial hardships or mortgage arrears, inherited a house, landlord with problem tenants, moving due to poor health or have been in negative equity – let’s help you sort out these property problems quickly with our professional homebuyer service.

We Buy Properties Fast Even When Your debt A Lot More Than The Value. No Hassle, No Fees.

Have you been in negative equity? Have you been tied to a house? No equity? Can’t remortgage? Have you been feeling trapped because your property has gone down in value and also you want to move? Struggling to sell Your property via estate agents? Can I Sell my house with negative equity? We may have a perfect solution for you personally today!

Our unique approach to buying negative equity flats and houses permits us to pay more income for any property than actually how it is worth these days.

We buy many properties with little or no equity, meaning we are able to usually pay your price. Many sellers (as well as a lot of real estate investors) usually ask us just how can we pay full market price for any property when nobody else can. Well we simply take another view to numerous investors because we have seen property like a long-term investment.

If you have little or no equity and simply can’t sell via an estate agent or you may be fed up of the ‘cash property buying companies’ who will only actually offer you a number of the properties market price, then call us today because we work very differently as we can usually agree to what you want within one hour of talking with you about your circumstances.

We have helped many sellers as if you obtain the price they need, even if their home has low equity or negative equity they can simply walk away from their home having a solution that works for them.

What we should Offer

To sum up, this is the way it works…

* We agree a purchase price with you and we can exchange contracts today.

* We start paying your mortgage payments each month and secured personal loans (or we agree on another payment)

* At an agreed time in the near future (say for instance in 3 years) we then complete on the purchase and then the property is fully used in us

This IDEAL option would be for somebody who wants to get rid of their mortgage payments each month and secured loan payments and it is pleased to wait for the equity to be removed when the property sale completes.

Who Is This Ideal For

* Someone who does not have enough equity and should not drop the sale price for their property.

* Relocating due to work and has no time to sell with no equity.

* Facing repossession and need money fast for their mortgage payments.

* Couples getting a divorce, who quickly would like to get gone a house with no equity inside it.

* Can’t afford to refurbish their home to sell it

* Someone who want to just hand back the keys and rent elsewhere.

* Property investors or landlords that do not want to cope with tenants or property problems any more.

* Actually, we are pleased to help anyone who just wants to quickly get rid of their home.

8 Reasons To Contact Us Today

* A guaranteed sale, we buy your property even though you owe more than its current value.

* Little if any equity, not a problem! We pay out the buying price of your outstanding mortgage.

* Forget about mortgage, loan or charge card payments.

* No Auctions fees.

* 0% commission.

* No broken chains.

* You don’t need to be worried about future rate of interest rises.

* Everything we do is legal because we use solicitors which gives you peace of mind knowing that your solicitor will fully represent you.