Reward yourself: If you think that your experience of going to the movies is a reward, then the movies you choose will change radically, they will become more valuable and more satisfying. Your reward can be a long work week, completing a late project, meeting a new one, treating a family member or friend on a special occasion. So, to consider all of these technical issues, how do you choose the right movie the right place? It’s easier said than done; but in reality, it’s easy. Methods as below:


It is always useful to do some research on the film before watching a movie. In this way, you won’t be disappointed by spending a few dollars. Decide on the first position, as this may mean from forty minutes to an hour, or just enjoy the luxury of home entertainment. You may want to check where the movie is going, then call the cinema to confirm, or even book your flight by phone or online without problems. For movies that are not shown, you can choose to rent a DVD or borrow a DVD from a friend.


If you decide to go to the mall or the theatre in the distance, please explain the problem. When you make a decision about your movie, never choose a movie that everyone likes and try something new unless you are sure it is optional. Avoid the opinions of the crowd; everyone likes its mentality. Look for movies that can stimulate you intellectually, solve problems or respond to needs, emotions, psychology, adventure, escape, victory or just extra knowledge and self-improvement. You have to learn something at the end of the movie.


This is an example: After reading “Cinderella”, I learned that men’s purpose is to be the power of their family; and this value is not only word of mouth, but also the will to sacrifice action and risk. In the “glory” of Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington, I also learned that one can change the lives of others, and doing something that is less popular and not good for food may be more than ever. They are more valuable in challenging existing power. they are. Therefore, if we stay in our corners, there will never be changes. Build great risks and prevent greater returns for every moment.


In addition, I remember that after seeing the “beautiful mind” with Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner’s “land of dreams” and “life” with Eddie Murphy and the king of Taekwondo Martin Lawrence Feel. Billy Blancs and Robert De Niro “Everyone is very good”… just lists some of the great moments I have learned to appreciate, some of them full of laughter, tears, victory, courage, Hope and dreams.


Choosing the right movie instead of following the popular road will bring great benefits. After reading this year’s college, you will also notice that Hertlock is not the most watched movie, but when everything is finished, he focuses on Avatar.


Some people choose movies based on their favorite actresses and actresses, but as you decide, a good movie will still improve the conversation with people you know. Some films will help narrow the gap between people in different countries, eliminate misunderstandings, and break the deadlock in an uncomfortable environment.


I can continue, but that’s what I really hope you got by reading this article. Your moving movie should be a great experience that will cheer you up, cheer you up, make you cry, and excite your emotions. Will open your eyes to see new ideas, hidden truths and unscrupulous adventures, unite people, break down barriers, build new walls of hope and trust, and inspire people to dream, if only for a moment.


I like movies because they are in many ways the unheard of stories of all humans who have walked on the earth, the real phenomenon of past memories. Every movie or story told through the film has a hidden reality and realism. However, even if not everyone is good for the soul, going to the cinema is an experience that can be enjoyed even in a comfortable room. But no matter which place you choose, it is unforgettable. This is your next experience! Lights… Camera… Action… Life!