It’s been a while. I didn’t realize until today how long it’s been since my last post. I have still been playing $0.05/0.10 wm55  . So far I have won just over $31 total since I started playing there in March. My plan is to see where I am after playing 10,000 hands and move up to the $.10/.20 Limit game.

Things got off to a great start Sunday morning after being dealt pocket aces on my first hand and winning a $1.05 pot. Then I hit running aces on the turn and river with AKo to suck out against a two pair of queens and tens. My final hand during the session was KK and I won the blinds when no one called my early position raise. I left up $1.08.

Sunday afternoon’s session also went very well. I won several hands and finished up $1.88. The biggest pot I won was $1.59 with a full house.

A few hands later I took a big loss to a tight passive player to my left. I was dealt AJs and had top top pair top kicker after the flop of A39. I bet and the tight player raised, I reraised thinking maybe I still had him beat. He then just went into call down mode and turn over AK at the show down. I guess I should have known something was up when he reraised on the flop. I had seen him just call on the flop with AK a few hands earlier.

Monday night I won $1.07 after being dealt several very good starting hands and hitting some flops.

Tonight, I plan to give Ed Miller’s Small Stack No Limit Strategy a test with a $30.00 bonus that Party Poker awarded me yesterday. I have been wanting to learn to play some No Limit and this bonus will give me a risk free opportunity. I will report back here with my findings.

night’s session went much better than the last one I posted about. I sat down at a PokerStars $0.05/0.10 Limit Hold’em table to the left of what seemed to be a pretty loose player. The very first hand I was dealt was QQ. Four players limped to the SB, who raised. I reraised, one of the limpers capped and we saw a flop. The flop came JT4 with two hearts (one of my queens was a heart). I caught running hearts on the turn and the river to make a queen high flush and won a $2.00 pot.

I folded the rest of my hands during the rest of that round, then checked with Q5o in the BB. I improved to two pair on the flop and then a full house on the turn and went on to win a $2.10 pot. Again I folded the rest of my hands during that second round, then found myself in the BB with TT. Everyone folded to the SB and I raised. The flop was 884. The SB bet, I reraised, and then called his 3-bet, think he might have flopped a set of eights. I called his bet on the turn and checked behind him on the river. He showed 43o and I won the $0.75 pot.

After less than 50 hands I was up $3.51, then people started to drop out and I left after playing a few hands short-handed. I was dealt some very good cards during that short session. I wish more of the sessions would go that way.

took a real beating during last nights session, losing nearly half of my $5.00 buy-in. I just couldn’t seem to get a break. Twice I was dealt AKs in the BB, but lost with them both times. I saw the flop a several times with small pocket pairs hoping to flop a set, but missed. Finally I was dealt 99 and the flop came KT9. The BB bet and I raised, he reraised and I capped. The turn was a queen. The BB bet and I raised again. Then the button reraised. Both I and the BB called. The river was another T. BB bet, I raised, the button reraised, then the BB capped the betting and we both called. The BB showed KT and the button had AJs. I left the table very soon after that hand feeling very frustrated.