The Globe and Mail reporter Mary 먹튀검증업has done a piece on internet gambling and has gone to town. With all her writing skills she portrays online gambling as highly dangerous with quotes from problem gaming sources.

Read about The Real Dangers Of Virtual Gambling according to Mary and see what you think.

My view is the dangers are overplayed somewhat by this reporter for the sake of writing a story about the booming online gambling trade, but what would I know eh? What I do know is i’ve had a slew of reporters from all over, including the BBC and C4 asking me about this kind of problem gaming.

I am more interested in rogue casino operators taking liberties with players winnings but you know, gamblers can afford to lose it if they bet it right? They deserve not to get paid right? This happens all day on the internet but reporters seem more interested in picking out gambling haters quoting they have had 6 people in a year who could not control themselves. Alright i’d consider closing Gamblog if one of my own players got themselves in strife with gambling but I don’t actively seek out stories to poopooh a $9 billion a year industry do I?

Can you say “jump on the bandwagon”? Well if you want to jump on the anti online gambling bandwagon i’m here to tell you it’s too late because wild horses can’t stop it now. Where were these people in the past eh? Where were they when online gamblers were getting stiffed right left and centre? It’s not as bad now as it once was but gamblers still get robbed blind or are made to jump through ever decreasing circles to get paid out in good time, if atall, if they dare to gamble and win.


A well known Asian Casino scammer known as Wong has hit the Macau Casino For £2m in a bacarrat scam where he swapped cards with accomplices, without raising the suspicions of apparent novice bacarrat dealers.

The Guardian reports the bacarrat sting, one of the biggest in Macau’s history, took place last week but was only discovered on Tuesday, when casino managers checked footage from surveillance cameras.

The Guardian said given Wong’s reputation, it was a surprise that he was even allowed in to the Sands.

According to the South China Morning Post the Hong Kong man had been barred by several gambling establishments in Macau and refused permission to board floating casinos off of Singapore.

The owner of the Las Vegas Sands Hotel and Casino Sheldon Adelson a Las Vegas mogul, is a relative newcomer to the former Portuguese enclave, where 70% of tax revenues come from gambling. He was the first rival to break the 50-year monopoly of the local tycoon Stanley Ho.

Sackings have followed the bacarrat sting. At least one executive has been fired over this highly embarrassing incident.

Wong’s fate is as yet unclear. Police refused to confirm reports that he had been released on bail due to a lack of evidence against him.

He appears to have cashed in most of his chips. According to the Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily, the casino, had time to block the last of his winner’s cheques – worth HK$5m. Wong is said to have complained vociferously when the bank refused to pay out.

Gamblog Comment :: While I go on about how bad casinos treat players, this is an excellent example of the boot can fit squarely on the other foot. £2 Million is a lot of money indeed. Gladly Sheldon Adelson can afford it without going under.